Using Blynk in a UK school?

Hi- I’ve got a Blynk app running to drive an RGB led on a D1 mini ESP board. My daughter really loved it. I’m trying to get it up and running in school but were having problems negotiating the schools security. Any advice out there. Would running a local server from my laptop work?

All help or tips appreciated

Yes… as long as it can also act as a WiFi access point so the ESP’s can connect to it.

But honestly, a little RPi acting as an Blynk Local Server & Access Point would probably be even better for overall portability.

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As another option for very simple usage, you could go the BT/BLE connected option, in which the only thing needing internet connectivity to your Cloud Server account would be your Phone. However you need BT/BLE capable devices to link to the phone for that.

It would not be my preference, and I only mention it becasue it is an option.

Not mine either, BT is not part of the iOT sphere.

Hi- thanks for the replys- trying to stay one step ahead of my students!

Whilst we’re working on the wi-fi issue (IT support at school think it may be to do with port forwarding/blocking on the heavy handed internet security) I need help finding advice or information on rechargeable battery- failed dismally to get a D1 mini running off 4.5v (3x AA). Where can i find how to hook up a simple micro switch to send a msg to the phone and wireing up an LDR to get a sensible light level reading?

i do not understand this…
microswitches can not send message to phone. and if you have tight internet security, how do you expect to receive the message from the blynk server without internet?

the best option is to use ORIGINAL 18650 lion rechargeable batteries.
beware of the fake chinese cells!

you can find lots of topic about batteries on this forum, and you can buy geniune 18650 panasonic cells on good price at

I do most of my prep from home to avoid the security so I do have the internet!

and here is the best price / value ratio charger for lion

You can setup your phone to act as a Wifi AP to connect to the Blynk Cloud services, Since it send so little data, it will probably cost next to nothing to show the project during an hour or two of class. I’m controlling my RC VW T1 van like that (which is also a very nice demonstration, with lights an all. I guess I could make some traffic lights too, lol).

Can you point me in the right direction for documentation of this? Many thanks

I don’t think this is a documented thing.


  1. Set your phone up as HotSpot (via Wifi)
  2. Enter those credentials in your hardware (ESP, Wemos etc)
  3. Than it will connect to the Blynk Cloud through your phone’s data

Go have fun :slight_smile:

Good heads up- got it working on a RGB led and I’ve been hypnotising the kids with it all morning!


Haha, very good! Add some spinning on a motor and you’ll be brainwashing them in no-time!

Funnily enough thats the next step!

You could make a couple ground-loops to detect “cars” and simulate traffic lights too :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I don’t have a video handy of my VW van. I’ll try and make one later (it’s dark here now).