Using Blynk as stand alone with no need for cloud or local server

Hi everyone. I hope that this doesn’t duplicate threads already in existence. I have looked but have not found any.
I downloaded the app to my phone, configured it for Wemos D1 and am now able to us it as a 6 channel remote using my home router. I have replaced my old 433MHz TX/RX with the Blynk app and Wemos D1. My problem is that when I am going to be in the field, I will not have access to the internet and actually have no need of it. I would like to use Blynk as a remote control only. I have searched and the only info that I have been able to find is about 2 years old and says that a new version of Blynk that does not use a browser of any kind will be available soon. Is this available now? My plan is to have 4 smart phones, each of which controls a scoreboard. At the same time a 5th scoreboard will seamlessly aggregate the other 4. I am still researching this part… Thanks, Colin

@CGMarsh how could any system work “in the field” without internet access?
Maybe provide a detailed explanation of “in the field”. Few meters, few miles or thousands of miles?

Hi @Costas , thanks for the quick reply. By in the field, I mean where I will be using my system and that I will not have, nor want access to WiFi. There may however be WiFi available and it may be 100-200 metres away, but I don’t want to have to use it. I guess what I am looking for is something that is totally stand alone. Thanks, Colin

It’s simply not possible for a Smart phone to connect to hardware 100’s of meters away, without internet / long range WiFi access.

The only serverless free option is Bluetooth or BLE. Both in Beta… they work but have some stability and widget limitations.

However, BT and BLE is a one on one connection, so running multiple phones to one device is not a real option.

You might have to go the more extensive, RPi as Local Server and WiFi Access Point option, for a “closed network”, i.e. no internet connection, that the phones link with.

Hi @Costas, @Gunner. Thanks. You have given me much (RPi) to think about. I guess that my research has a long way to go. BTW, the maximum TX distance for this project would be 80-90 metres, but typically 35-40 metres. Thanks again, Colin

This should help

Hi @Gunner. Thanks heaps. Greatly appreciated :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :+1:

Hi @Gunner and @Costas. Is there any way that I am able to get the source code of my app? I would like to see if I can modify it to suit something that I am working on. Thanks.

The Blynk app is not open source.

Ok, thanks

So there is a possibility to have a serverless (no wifi) device? Esp32 with sensor gauge and direct connection to the Android app?