Using Android Alarmclock as Input/Actor/Eventor

Since i can’t see my made suggestion on the Roadmap site, i put it in here, too:

Using Android Alarmclock as Input/Actor/Eventor

It would be great to use Android Alarmclock as an Input-Device for triggering IoT.

For example:

  • Open Blinds at alarm
  • Start Coffe Machine 10 min. before alarm
  • Start Heater in Bathroom 20 min. before alarm
  • Start RGB-LED-Stripe-Sunrise 30min. before alarm
    etc… etc…

On Android-shell it is simple to get the next Alarm-Clock in Unixtime-Format by:

echo $(dumpsys alarm | grep pendingSend | cut -d ':' -f 4 | cut -c-10)

If there is no Alarm set, the result is empty.

So, i think it should also be easy to get the next alarm-time via Android-App.

thx a lot

I’d imagine that any future development would focus on developing cross-platform functionality, which works equally well on iOS as well as Android.

Whilst this hasn’t always been the case (Eventor and some of the GPS functionality for example), I’d expect that moving forward new functionality would only make sense if it could work on both platforms.


Waiting for iOS Features just to go on for Android features would have left those already existing android features on the drawing board.

btw.: i think ( just think, since im not a coder on Android nor on iOS), such idea/feature would also be possible on iOS. I think, providing next-alarm-time is nothing special in those Api’s of both OS.

So… waiting should not be a target/idea/solution/whatever =)

Unless you’re trying to run a business, selling a commercial product that works across multiple platforms. Customers don’t want to hear that this isn’t available on iOS because Apple doesn’t work in the same way.

Blynk development is primarily driven by paying customers, we get the crumbs that fall off the table :slightly_smiling_face:


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