Using an IP Camera

Hello everyone. As usual, I introduce myself to the community. I am a retired electronics engineer, I am 74 years old, and I live in Lyon (France)
I warmly congratulate the creators of BLYNK thanks to which I was able in a few days to build a functional application to drive the home automation WIFI I just created from a ESP Wroom 32. Everything works except that
I booked a location on the BLYNK screen to insert the live video from my IP camera (model C704IP.2 ELRO), which is on the same local network as the ESP32, and works well locally or remotely on the ELRO app, but I do not know how to do it.
Any help from you would be very welcome.
Jean Pierre


The Video Widget is just a basic video stream viewer, so you would first need to find a URL that will point to your cameras network live stream (if it has any), then basically try all the possible combinations to see which works in the widget. Lower resolutions, bitrates and no audio (if even available) will give better results.

You can try Googling the camera model number for the various options if the manufacturer doesn’t already show how on their own page.

For example, I found this that might help…

Note: you will not have any control over the pan and tilt, it is just a simple viewer widget

Merci beaucoup Gunner. I think have a lot of work to do…

I was looking at the iOS beta version of the app the other day and saw that it has the ability to assign a url to a button. When you click the button then the url opens in a full screen browser window.

I think this functionality is already available in the Android version?

It occurred to me that this might be a better way to display a video feed. If you have a url that gives you camera control, multiple cameras etc then this would be an easy way to view this page. Obviously it’s not the same as having the feed embedded in your main Blynk screen, but might be an alternative if you can’t get the video stream widget to work for your camera setup.

Also, you might find this handy for getting the video stream widget to work…


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yes it is available in the Android version :wink:

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