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I have a very important request for my work. Would it be possible to register users for a period of time and then automatically unsubscribe them?
Thank you.

Hello, @Vicente.
Currently available for two subscription options:

  1. Monthly.
  2. Yearly.

You can buy a monthly plan and work for as many months as you need. Then cancel the paid subscription

It is not about my subscription, the idea is that the users that I register can cancel their subscription automatically, that is to say, to register users and automatically unsubscribe them without having to do it manually, to have users to use a device permanently or temporarily.

Interesting idea. We currently don’t have such a feature, but we’ll share it with our product team. Could you please describe the use-case in more details? Are you charging your customers some subscription fee?

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I am in a project under development, the idea is to be able to manage access to different types of users, some users will have permanent access and other users will have temporary access.

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It would also be interesting to be able to charge directly from Blynk to the registered users, but I don’t know if this is very expensive or very difficult to implement.

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I believe it would be a great idea be able to set an expiration date for a user. That way your clients that are billed monthly or yearly can be automatically “suspended” until you (the admin account) removes the suspension.
I see this in a lot of platforms online where you can resell your services.
I use web platform for GPS and Fleet management devices, my clients are mostly billed yearly, and the moment I create a new user, I set the suspension date, It is more work for me to make sure who is renewing or not, but the option of doing that is very valuable.


My customers pay a mensal fee to use my service. It woul be great if I could block his access if the fee is not paid, or if a flag is set.

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Hello, @Flavio_Lemos

You can set suspended status for user


Then if user try to login in his acc, he will see this tab:


If the user pays you,click reactivate option in action dropdown


This is all very well Oleksii but I don’t need that, I want to register a user for a predefined period of time, when it is finished I want to delete it and not have to wait for it to be done by me, but it will automatically delete it.

@fredodupoux thanks for the suggestions. Could you share which platform you are using for gps tracking/ fleet management?

Here’s what we use:

Got it, so it’s a hardware + software solution, thanks for sharing. I’m curious what their pricing for the software looks like? Blynk offers a Free Tracking add-on as well, so any intel on what’s out there in the market is highly appreciated.

For my company based on the amount of devices I have, it cost me around $0.61/devices/month.
I’ll be happy to give you any information you’d like, just DM me so we can discuss.

Thanks a lot!