User Invite from App

Using Blynk Pro.

I have been inviting New Members Users to my organization from the web dashboard. I have set up roles and permissions for my organization.

Web Dashboard
In the past, the default selection for invited new member was ADMIN. I spoke with Pavel about this and now the default is USER. The term for the new invitee is USER in the web dashboard.


Mobile App
If I want to invite someone to my organization via the app, they are now referred to as Member. I know this may seem like I am splitting hairs but there are other inconsistencies in terms that can create confusion, IMHO. In the example below, is it suffix, unit or label?

When I go the the Invite New Member tab in the mobile app, the role still defaults to Admin. Again, it would seem to me that if I am going to make a mistake, I would prefer to error on the side of caution and give away too little permission rather then all of the permissions. This leads me to my next question, which permissions have priority? The ones set up in the web dashboard or what is shown in the mobile app? Under each role, there is a list of permissions that can be accessed by the invitee. Is this just an example or are we actually giving out the listed permissions if we invite from the mobile app regardless of what we set up in the web dashboard?

Thank you

Thank you for reporting the issue with Admin role set by default in iOS.
I’ve passed it to our development team.

Role that was set during the invitation will be applied as you can’t send two invitations to the same email simultaneously from web and app. Roles and Permissions can be change in web Console with Pro subscription.

Temp – prefix;
/value/ – actual value of the pin;
suffix – manually added (optional) unit (units are set in DS settings and are attached to value currently)

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@MarkPan Thank you for the reply. Just so I am clear
-I set up roles and permission in my web console with Pro subscription
-I send an email invite from the mobile app
-which permissions are granted? The ones shown in the check list on the app or the ones I set up in the console?

Thank you

The ones that you set up in web console will be applied.
The list you see in app is just a display of what was set up in web console.

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Noted. Thank you for the clarification and support.

Why creating an organization is not possible on the App? I can invite a user but i can not create an organization. Is there a way to do it on the Mobile App?