User in free plan Blynk 2.0

Am I correct in assuming that you can create a user in the free or plus plan but they can’t actually see or do anything?

That’s not correct. Free tier is limited, but you can do a lot.

Then I must be missing something. When I create a user, I send them an invite. They create a password for themselves but when they try to open the Blynk App (IOS) the message comes up “Error. You don’t have permissions to view organisation devices. Contact administration for details”. Even if I transfer ownership of the device to that user the same message appears. If I change their status to “Staff” then the get access to all my devices. I’m not sure what I’m missing.

@jcoptom permissions depend on the role. What role did you assign to a user? Default “User” role has no permissions, so you have to assign required one.

I assigned the role “User” . That was my question. Sorry if i didn’t make that clear. So can someone assigned the role as a “User” see a device. Can I give them a permission somehow?

Yes. You should be able to in organization settings.

That does not appear to be the case as best I can see- at least not for a “free plan” administrator - you need upgrade to pro level to adjust organisation settings - I’m happy to be corrected.