User admin can´t do login


I upgraded my local server version from 0.24.x to 0.33.2-java8 then i have problems to access to Blynk administrator condole the user and password, dont work.

I try with default settinga ( - admin) I set up a new one in my file) but dont work, no error messages. only dont work.

What can I do to solve this.
Thank you in advance

Hi JovloT,
I have the same Problem: I have access to the server but email and or password don’t work.
I have updated the server to 0.37.3. - newest Version. No changes made in the
Do you have any solution?
Thanks and regards

Try to remove all your configs and follow installation instructions from the the start.

Hi Dmitriy,
thank you for the feedback. I have no idea which configs I should reset - in server installation?
Perhaps is PREROUTING from 443 to 9443 is nessecary? I only did PREROUTING from 80 to 8080.
Thanks for reply.
Best regards.