Useful History Graph Idea

I just want to say I appreciate what you do. While I benefit greatly from the history graph as it is; I do have some suggestions to improve the function.

1)The history graph has some real limitations when it comes to viewing detailed data. The 1 day tab is not very useful because of the averaging that takes place. I need to be able to look at historical data in a detailed way. This would be best achieved with a 24 hour period on the graph that can be scrolled backward or foreward in time using an arrow or a date field.

2)The amount of data that is given for the 6 hour and 1 day graphs is inconsistent. The 6 hour graph gives 360 data points (6hours60minutes/hour1point/minute) while the 1 day graph only shows 24 points (1day24hours/day1point/hr). This makes the data on the 1 day graph almost useless. I suggest increasing the one day graph to use 1 minute data so as to increase resolution. Another option that would take more space/calculations, but use less network bandwidth would be a 4 minute average yielding 360 points/day.

Thanks for your time and consideration.
Will Klatt

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The dev’s revealed a month or so ago that the history widget is getting a makeover. Should hopefully address the “averaging” issue many of us face or give us better control.

Thanks. History graph still a weak point. Some day we’ll fix that.