Use of Virtual pins more than once


I just migrated by legacy product to the latest IOT. In my previous dashboard I was able to use the same virtual pin twice. For example, I had a lamp that worked on a timer but I was also able to control it off a button if I wanted.

Now the virtual pin is greyed out if I’ve already attached it to a button. Is there something I can do here to get the same behaviour as before. Thanks for help.


You can use virtual pin repeatedly. For example, in each widget you can add one pin

Thanks for the reply. Yes I can add the same virtual pin to two separate buttons. But if I try to use the timer widget, the virtual pin is greyed out and can’t be selected. This is something I could do easily in the legacy app.

time input widget?

Sorry wrong wording, yes the time input widget.

There is no Timer widget in Blynk IoT.

There is a Time Input widget, which is the same as the Time Input widget in Blynk Legacy, and is much more complicated to use, but this requires a virtual pin with a String data type.


Thanks Pete. Some progress, changing data type to string now allows the virtual pin to be attached to the time input widget. However, once I set an on/time, the virtual pin turns on whether the current time is within the parameters or not. And also if I press the button, the time input settings are lost. They just return to --:–.

As I said, the Time Input widget is much more complex to use.
It sends an array of data in the string, which needs to be decoded in your sketch to extract start and stop times, days of the seek timezone offset etc.

Because of this you can’t simply link another widget to the same datastream as the time input widget.

Have you tied looking at the time input examp,ws?

The old Timer widget that you were previously using is replaced with Automations. Have you looked at this as an alternative?


Ok thanks Pete. I will look into this more based as your suggestions thanks. Just thought I had some simple config wrong. Cheers.