Use Blynk.virtualWrite as BLYNK_WRITE?

Hi friends. is it possible to using Blynk.virtualWrite as BLYNK_WRITE ?

my code is

  if (param.asInt()) {
    irsend.sendRaw(irTVpwr, sizeof(irTVpwr) / sizeof(irTVpwr[0]), khz);

OK. I solved the problem by bridge widget

Can you show an example of how you solved it? I have a similar issue where I wish to update a virtual LED on board 1 with data received from board 2.

it’s very simple.

in two MCUs add this code in sketch:

WidgetBridge bridge1(V10);

in primary MCU add this code to sketch:

  bridge1.setAuthToken("second board Token ID");

and now you can update virtual pins and hardware pins on second mcu from primary mcu

when primary MCU pin V3 set to 1 then the V35 on secondary MCU set to 1

  Blynk.virtualWrite(V3, 1);
  bridge1.virtualWrite(V35, 1);

don’t forget to add bridge widget to your project :wink:

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