Uptime log and sleep

Is there a way to see a log of when my project was up and down and when it was Blynk’s servers?

And on the same note, is there a way to have my wemos D1 mini sleep and still work with Blynk?

I tried to add wifi_set_sleep_type(LIGHT_SLEEP_T); in the setup but it just goes to sleep soon after startup and never comes back online.

Not that I am aware of… might be something you can make with Local Server?

When it is not sleeping, yes… if properly setup. Search this forum for other topics about it for ideas.


One more question, does Blynk provide any assurance of commands arriving?

For example, if my device was offline (or asleep) for a minute and in this time I sent a command, will this message be lost or Blynk will retry it when my project comes back online? (From my limited testing it looks like there’s no guarantee of message arrival)

You can code the device to sync last value and state of widgets. It will pull that data from the server.


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