Upgraded to IOS version 1.4 - LED widget stops working

I upgraded to IOS version 1.4 ad my app that uses the led widget stopped working.
I had 2 widget connected to pins V1 and V2. The buttons and other widgets appear to still work correctly.
Tonight I’ll try deleting and re-adding the widget.

Any Thoughts?

Dear raycichoki.
Try to remove application then install it again and if pins are empty - setup them again.
This should fix that error.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
We’ll appreciate if you notify us about the result.

Deleting the app and reinstalling it fixed my problem!

Upgraded to v 1.7 and LED widget stopped again.
This time deleting and reinstalling the app didn’t work, neither did deleting the widget and adding it back.

Also I bought the box full o’ widgets via the Digistump Oak kickstarter campaign and I noticed that the shared access under project settings offers me a 30 trial? How can I activate the full product?


Here is answer. LED Widgets Broken by App Upgrade (iOS)