Upgrade to have Text Input in console

I’m an old user since Blynk Legacy. Now with Blynk 2.0 I have the Free Plan. In one of my two devices I use Text Input from Blynk Console (Web) to send some values to my device. Until now this was a free widget in the web, now for have this widget you must have a pay plan. I think is a big problem for persons like me, that uses Blynk for home devices.

Hello. Yes, that’s true. While the widget is new and in Beta it is available for all. However, after the Beta is finished it could be moved to other plans.

Thanks for the answer, but I think it’s not very fair to change a widget plan that is already working. For home users like me, subscribing to a paid plan is not feasible. I started using Blynk in the old version when you paid for each widget, then you changed the rules and I’m honestly considering leaving Blynk.