Updating Pins with Samsung Bixby

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if you want to voice control blynk, you usually use IFTTT in combination with some Voice Assistant and the Webhook service. Bixby is not included there yet.

I show you how to use bixby for controlling buttons:

You have to choose your URL: AUTH TOKEN/update/PIN?value=X


http://Blynk-cloud.com/YOUR AUTH TOKEN/update/PIN?value=X

Just type your authetifictaion TOKEN there, update the variable “PIN” by example D2 and “X” with 0 or 1

Type your URL in your Samsung Internet Browser and save it as a bookmark. Make sure you name your bookmark unique. I found out that a combination of a word with some numbers work best. For instance “gate 400”.
Test your name by entering it in the searchfield. If you find more than your bookmark you have to choose a knew one!

Tipp: Bixby must recognise your bookmark name!

Just hold the bixby button and say:
“Open Samsung Internet and open bookmarks and open (YOUR NAMEND BOOKMARK)”

Sometimes bixby is a bit buggy. You have to try several names.

Open My Bixby and create your own quick command. Just choose your last command from history and if you want you could connect more commands.
At Least choose the command “Go to homescreen”

Now record your one shortcut.
You are now able to update with Bixby more than one Pin with just one Quick command!!!

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Thanks for sharing!

Just a tip. Tasker with AutoVoice will work better :slight_smile:

Yeah, you could also use Google assistant, Amazon Alexa etc. with IFTTT. I made this topic to show that it’s also possible with Bixby :wink:


coming soon with bixby 2.0 https://m.gsmarena.com/samsung_says_bixby_20_will_offer_support_for_smart_home_open_to_thirdparty_developers-news-27805.php