Update on pricing plans

Hey Blynkers, in order to further support our maker community, we have decided to include two devices in our Free plan instead of one :raised_hands:

Other changes:

  • Plus and PRO plan will no longer have user seat quota. Plans will scale purely based on the number of devices, and 1 device will equal 1 user
  • PRO plan used to allow 40 devices and 20 users, so now you can have 40 users for the same monthly price!
  • We have removed the one-time device purchases, you can scale your device limit up or down by moving between different subscription plans

We are working on unlocking the 2nd device for existing users on Free plan and hoping to have it done in the next 1-2 weeks.

As usual, if you have any questions about our subscription plans, ask away here.

Happy Blynking!


Please break into more segments. Like up to 200, 300…

Is this only for new buyers or also existing ones?

Will apply for existing ones as well, but it will take a bit more time to make adjustments to existing accounts.

So with my plus plan I had up to 10 users for my now only 1 active device and now I will get only 1 user (which is myself?)?

Does it mean my wife or other family members can’t view/use my device anymore, if this is true I feel mislead by purchasing the plus plan earlier with other terms then now.

Plus plan has 10 users and 10 devices. All added users can access all devices.

That’s what I also thought… must be misunderstanding the first point of the changes Mariia wrote then?

Sorry for any confusion.

We balance the number of users and number of devices to 1:1 ratio. But how users access devices is defined by permissions, not by the plan limits.

There is now a 1:1 relationship between devices and users seats.
10 devices gives 10 user seats.


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Thank you Pavel and Pete, I understand now.