Update local server


Where I write all these commands

becuse the cmd not recognized these commands.

Hello. This is for linux systems. For win Find jar in Task Manager and kill manually.


one more question, how can i do that the server start on windows startup?

  • Create bat file.
  • Put there java -jar server-0.13.2.jar -dataFolder /home/pi/Blynk
  • Put bat file to windows startup folder.

@eli89z I’ll update doc when I’ll switch to windows and will be able to test =).

when i closed the cmd window the server stop runing.
what i need to do that the server work without the cmd window open?

one more thing when the program ISPY run on my computer this is the messege i get when i try to run the blynk local server:

what can i do?

There probably is already a proces claiming the Blynk port. There are three options I think

  1. Blynk is already running, are you sure it’s not running?

  2. Change Blynk port in server.properties

  3. Check out with “netstat -an” if the port is in use. Output will be similar to:

    MacBook-Pro-van-Bastiaan:~ bastiaanvisee$ netstat -an
    Active Internet connections (including servers)
    Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address Foreign Address (state)
    tcp4 0 0 ESTABLISHED
    tcp4 0 0 ESTABLISHED
    tcp4 0 0 ESTABLISHED
    tcp4 0 0 ESTABLISHED
    tcp4 0 0 ESTABLISHED
    tcp4 0 0 ESTABLISHED

It’s from a Mac, but Windows will show you about the same. if you do “netstat -an | findstr 8443” you can filter on a value, I’m not sure what check the Servers makes, but I bet it’s the App port which defaults to 8443 :slightly_smiling:

Btw, there are many options for running a file as service on Window, e.g. this: http://www.howtogeek.com/50786/using-srvstart-to-run-any-application-as-a-windows-service/

thanks for the quick replay.

how i change the blynk server port?

You change it via the server.properties file. In the documentation is an example, but before you that I would really find out why it doesn’t start. It’s no use if it happens the next time again.