Update Library to v0.4.4

I’m having a problem updating Blynk Library from v0.4.3 to v0.4.4
Can some one help!

Are you doing it manually or trying through the IDE?

Use Manual method.

Close IDE

Copy existing libraries (don’t use move facility) for safe keeping, delete 0.4.3 and paste in 0.4.4. Restart IDE.

Will give it a try, Do I extract before I paste? Thanks!

Yes extract and there are about 6 libraries. not one, and that is why it’s not done through the IDE.

You don’t need to do the Tools part unless you really want to. Think this requires IDE 1.8.0.

I got it, Thanks for your help!

One more thing! Where do I put tools? I don’ have a folder “tools” in Docs Arduino, do I have to go to Arduino program folder (x86)

It’s covered in one of the Announcements but if your are not using a USB connection to Blynk etc then it’s not really needed. What version of the IDE are you using?

Newest 1.8.1

The structure if you want to use tools is shown in the release notes at https://github.com/blynkkk/blynk-library/releases/tag/v0.4.4

The Tools addition was first introduced in 0.4.3 when the libraries were updated for IDE 1.8.0.

Probably worth reading through the full 0.4.3 Announcement thread at Blynk Library for Arduino v0.4.3 is released

VisualMicro libary manager: wrong link to download update.