Update LCD when Offline?

I am trying to update (default) LCD line of text when my arduino/Ethernet shield goes offline.
Any suggestions?

What do you mean by “(default) LCD”?

If you are referring to the LCD Widget, well, if the device is offline it will not be able to write any data to the Server/App… so that’s not happening :wink:

But if you are referring to a Physical LCD, then you can write some code that uses the Blynk.connected() boolean command, and if FALSE then write a msg to LCD.

Thanks for the response.
Yes, I mean LCD Widget. I was hopping I could set a default message when my device gets offline.

Need connection to send data to widgets… no connection, no data.

But as far as Device Offline messages, that is already built into the App.


Makes sense.
I was hoping to store a default line of code on server when device offline.
Thanks for the response.

@Dmitriy, actually this could be a useful / interesting feature to implement…

to have a global option / project and if enabled, than send “device offline” text to all display widgets when hw goes offline.

in bigger projects, where 10 devices or more are used, sometimes it is misleading to see the old values when actually the device is offline for days.

for example, a temperature value, which changes very slowly. if you look at the widget, you can’t tell if the temperature is the same for 5 hours, or the device is offline and you see an irrelevant value.

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Yes. @Pavel had some ideas regarding that. However, this would be the long term feature.