Up down buttons

For simple up and down - say, to set temperatures or time settings or whatever, you can of course use the existing buttons - in press to hold mode… i.e. send the same thing every time you press the buttton as against on/off… BUT for this, the buttons are WAY too big. Perhaps 4 small buttons the size of the LEDS - with a left, right, up or down arrowhead on them.,

With a smaller LCD display and 2 such buttons it would then be possible to, say, alter a temperature setting. You can of course do this with sliders but for accuracy a couple of small butttons and a display would be better.

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they would also work for blinds controllers
i currently have to use this and it s big…and rather non descript…big text/icon in the middle of the button instead of pin would also help

@tzapulica the small pictures in top left corner, what are they, small pictures? Have put them there yourself, if yes how?

This widget is planned

Oh THOSE small pictures - how do you do THAT?

hi guys, those are just emojji, you should be able to add them with an emoji keyboard.
saw it on this forum somewhere, can t take credit for it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for telling, tried and it worked fine.