UNused used virtual pins


After I did some major reorganising of the widgets in my project and started using device selector widget, then added another gps trigger that is based on the device selector widget , now, none of the GPS trigger widgets that are using virtual pin <12 are working.
(… Doing more tests)

LE: After more tests I found out that The GPS trigger won’t work using the device selector widget at all. If I use it selecting any device It will work. The following is still available.

I also noticed that all the devices are showing the virtual pins 0 to 12 as USED when they are not actually used at all. Even a new fresh device with no widgets comes with all the virtual pins from 0 to 12 as used.

Using and unusing one of the 0 to 12 virtual pin is not helping resetting its used state. The other pins are acting normal.

All of this is happening on my local updated server using the updated blynk app. On the Blynk server it works correctly from the same smartphone.


  1. Please add your local server’s version, and app’s platform and version to the issue.
  2. If the widget is on device selector, it will show busy pins for all the devices on the device selector, so probably you have widget’s on these pins not on device selector, but on some of it’s devices.
  3. GPS trigger would not work in device selector, as when the app is not opened, it uses Blynk HTTP API for data upload, that doesn’t support device selector. We’ll disable its support for Device Selector - looks like it is a bug in the app


Server version I use is v0.41.0-2 and I am using the updated android version of the blynk app 2.27.1 on android 8.0.0.

Any new fresh device with no widgets used comes with all the virtual pins from V0 to V12 and also V70 as used.