Uno Rev 2 Control Pin 25 Built-in LED

Hey everyone,

I am a first time user trying to control an Arduino Uno Rev 2 Wifi’s built in LED with a button on the app. I am using an Android phone, Blynk library version 1.1.0, Blynk cloud server, and the Arduino_MKR1010 example wifi sketch.

I used quick start to setup the template and device. The code uploads fine to the arduino and the serial monitor says it has been connected to the wifi networks and Blynk cloud correctly.

My plan was to make a datastream that set digital pin 25 to 0 or 1 using a button on the app, but that is not an option on the digital datastream pins (the digital pins only go to 13). I feel like I am missing a step. Thank you for the help.

I’d suggest using virtual pins instead of digital pins

Using virtual pins worked great, my project works now.

Thank you!

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