Understanding local account creation

Hi, everyone, i need help because i dont understand why i am unable to connect to my local server trough my android app.

It says in the logs : Wrong credentials.

I have already got it to work few months ago but since then ive been very busy so i might have forgot things.
(my server version is 0.21.0 and i have not updated my android app either because everything worked with that rig).

In my mail.properties i have my gmail account and my gmail account password.

-I try to login with these infos and it dont work.

-I also tried to generate app password with my google account it dont work either.
(i pasted the password generated into mail.properties.)

Any tip or advice would be appreciated.


This are for mail account and not Blynk account.

Simplest solution would be just to remove your data folder (I suppose you have nothing important there as you didn’t use app) and create account again.

Hi Dmitriy,

I have removed the data folder as you told me. Then i created a new account with my gmail
(the same because i want to receive auth token) and it says account already taken.

Are my account informations saved somewere else than data folder ?

Do i have to create an account with a different E-mail adress ?

Thank you for your help.


I think you are crossing everything…
The Blynk account can be whatever, the destination of the token is the account you set into mail.properties file.

inside of mail.properties file you have to set the credentials of your email account, not the Blynk account.

Blynk account: user: blynkisthebest@gmail.com Pass:isthebest!

mail.properties: user: bobisthebest@gmail.com Pass:YesIam!

Your auth token will be delivered to bobisthebest mail account.

I hope it helps you.

@Bob you need to stop server before removal.

Ok, it works and i understand many mistakes that i made.
One of them was to not tell the path of my data folder inside of my .bat file.

java -jar […] -dataFolder /Path —> […] -dataFolder c:/C:\Users\xxxxx\blynkserver\Data
It created automaticaly the folder. Then in my app when i created the account with another email adress,
i saw it appeared on the datafolder.:grinning:

@darkmoon yes it was helpfull thank you.

But i still dont understand why it doesnt let me create an account with my mail.properties account.
Like… i dont care since i have another valid email adress but i just want to understand.

Many thanks.

mail.properties has nothing to do with your account creation, it is for setting up email notifications within your App & Scripts… it could be any email address, even one completely different from your Blynk account.

Excerpt taken from https://github.com/blynkkk/blynk-server#blynk-server

Enabling mail on Local server

To enable mail notifications on Local server you need to provide your own mail credentials. Create file mail.properties within same folder where server.jar is. Mail properties:


Find example here.

NOTE : you’ll need to setup Gmail to allow less secured applications. Go here and then click “Allow less secure apps”.

ho ! i mean create an account with the same email that i used in my mail.property.

It looks like this email is already in use for the account creation. Even after i deleted the data folder like Dmitriy said. Thats why i asked if data folder is the only place where the emails are kept in memory for account creation.

Sorry i should have been more clear.

Sorry, but I am still unsure of the exact issue or even question.

Even though they are both separate entities, as far as Local Server is concerned, I use the same email address for my account as I do for sending emails.

The account is created via the app when I chose Create New Account and reference my Local Server address and port. That info (along with all projects info) is stored in a subfolder, named the email address used, in the data folder on the Local Server.

Once that is done, I can then create the mail.properties file in my Local Server (in same location as the server.jar file) for use in sending email notifications from my sketch: (to send such notifications email widget mys be loaded in app and app must be active). As far as I can tell, no sent emails are saved in the server.

Two separate processes, with or without same email addresses.