Unable to use Edgent ESP32


I’m helping a friend to get going on his first project but we got stuck on step 1 :grinning:
The, out of the box, Edgent code is uploaded with no problems but the web config page doesn’t come up, in stead, the msg Not found: / is shown.

Ping to works responds responds responds responds
however, doesn’t respond nor does blynk.setup.
What am I missing?
board used: different types of WROOM ESP32 DEV.
The basic blink and wifi connection sketches, work.


What board type have you un-commented in your .ino file?

Are you attempting to configure the device via or via the Add Device option in the app?

What are you seeing in the serial monitor?


Hey Peter,
No board type has been un-commented as I’m using the “custom” one. The pins are not in use, I’m trying to get to the AP web server.
Yes, configuring it via IP once generated the firmware tokens via dashboard.
and below, the serial monitor shows what it’s expected to see.

 [236] Using default config
    ___  __          __
   / _ )/ /_ _____  / /__
  / _  / / // / _ \/  '_/
 /____/_/\_, /_//_/_/\_\
        /___/ v1.0.1 on ESP32

[240] --------------------------
[243] Product:  ESP
[245] Firmware: 0.1.0 (build Dec 26 2021 13:29:57)
[250] Device:   ESP32 @ 240MHz
[252] MAC:      24:0A:C4:13:84:64
[255] Flash:    4096K
[257] ESP sdk:  v3.3.5-1-g85c43024c
[261] Chip rev: 1
[262] Free mem: 273160
[264] --------------------------
[2881] AP SSID: Blynk ESP-852F2
[2881] AP IP:
[2882] AP URL:  blynk.setup

Also, if WIFI_CAPTIVE_PORTAL_ENABLE is un-commented, the code doesn’t compile as it’s missing the server.onNotFound(handleRoot) part.

That’s not really how the provisioning process is meant to be used, and the web portal functionality appears to be disabled by default and enabling it causes an error.

Why aren’t you doing the provisioning via the app, using the “+ Add New Device” option?


By app you mean Smartphone’s app? If so, my initial intentions were to demostrate a way to get up and running a device using only a web browser without the need of using a Smartphone. Perhaps, it cannot be done with Edgent.

Yes, that’s how it’s meant to be done.


I understand, however, using a customized WifiManager I can program a device without a Smartphone and controlling it with Blynk’s web dashboard.

So use that approach instead of Edgent if that suits your needs better.


Thank you.