Unable to make web request. Your server returned a 400

I want to control my room light with nodemcu+blynk+ifttt+google assistant’s voice command
I followed youtube videos and managed to make it work before
and I change my internet service provider and it didn’t work anymore
here’s is some screenshot
Plz help me how to fix this


Have you tried searching BLYNK for your answer? I feel like this topic has been covered quite a few times.


method should be GET, nothing in the body, and change your URL syntax


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And since changing ISP, is that IP address correct?

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@JustBertC is correct about the IP address.
The one you’re using in the screenshot is the Blynk New York cloud server, but your project is on the Frankfurt server.
I assume that you’ve moved from Europe to the US?

The IP address of the Frankfurt server is

You can test this using this API call:

Obviously you need to generate a new Auth code for this project, as we can now all operate whatever is connected to pin D1.


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In fact, we can control all the pins!


That you for taking your time answering me :sweat_smile:
it works

Thank you it works by changing Ip adress
I don’t know how to look for different sever IP
I don’t really know anything just following YouTube videos:sweat_smile:
That you for your time :slight_smile:
I’m from Myanmar Btw :hugs:

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I don’t even know what Ip is correct for me :sweat_smile:
but it’s solved thanks to you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Mingalaba @Gduen.
There are three Blynk cloud servers - in Asia, North America and Europe. A Blynk project only lives on one of those servers, and in your case it’s the Europe server. If you were in Myanmar when you created the project I would have expected it to be on the Asia server, but maybe that’s to do with the DNS routing that your previous ISP used.

It is really important that you use your Blynk app to generate a new Auth token, using the refresh button, then use this new token in your IFTTT recipe and in any code you are using:

I was lucky enough to visit your beautiful country last year, here’s a few photos:



Fantastic photos @PeteKnight :astonished:


Oh wow!
To be honest,I was expecting questions like “Where myanmar is located or something like that”
because my country had been hidden from world by military government for a long time :sweat_smile:
That’s great u also experienced unique ceremony where young boys dress like kings and then they become son of buddha(Monks) for a week.

It’s great to know that you visited Myanmar :grin:
These photos are fascinating.

(Sorrry for my english though :sweat_smile: I dun really know how to write properly :sweat_smile:)

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