Unable to log in using facebook

3 years ago I created a system. I was log into the site using Facebook . I created my Facebook using my mobile number. Now blynk requires only mail address when login. I don’t have a mail address related to the Facebook. I need to recover my previous project immediately within today or tomorrow. It is very important to me.

If it was a version of Blynk that allowed Facebook login then it would have been the Blynk Legacy system.
The Legacy servers were decommissioned in January, so your project is no longer available, and the servers that it ran on no longer exist.

Added to that, inactive accounts would have been purged after 6 months to comply with GDPR requirements.

If you wish to create a new account using the current version of Blynk (Blynk IoT) then you can, but you’ll need to use a proper email address to set that up, and you’ll need to re-create your project from scratch (although the code that runs on your device(s) may need very little modification).


Thank you :blue_heart: