(Unable to have) Multiple Eventors in one project

Hey guys,

Big fan of Blynk - been using it for more than 6 months.

I’ve got a project with three devices in it and I’d like to have more than one Eventor as it seems like I can only have one device per Eventor.

Have I missed anything?


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Hello. You are right. This is known issue. And this happened because an eventor was added before multi devices support. At some point we will fix it. But right now you are limited only with 1 eventor.

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@Dmitriy, could you elaborate this issue please?

i have a new project, in which i would like to use ~15 esp devices. in the app i would like to create one event per device, all on the same virtual pin on every device. example:

  • if device1 v1 value not equal with 0 than notify “message 1”

  • if device2 v1 value not equal with 0 than notify “message 2”

  • if device3 v1 value not equal with 0 than notify “message 3”

so far i tried with 2 devices, set up 2 events, but it is confusing for me how should i associate one event to one device? currently, it seems to me, that i (randomly) receive both notifications if one of the devices trigger the condition.

in eventor settings first i selected target: device1, than created the event for that device. then i selected target: device2, and created event for another device.

though in the screenshot the created events show they are associated with the correct devices, in the reality this is not (always) working. sometimes i receive the correct notification per device, but sometimes i receive notifications from all devices, despite only one triggered.

what am i doing wrong?

Nothing. The problem here is that the eventor appeared before multi devices support. So now it works only with 1 device :frowning:. Right now fixing this is not in our road map. Sorry.

ok, i see. any ideas how can i do this from app side?

i know i could hardcode custom notifications in the firmware, but it would be nice to use the same firmware on all devices, to make future firmware updates easier.

@Dmitriy any idea when this will be in the roadmap for Blynk?

Sorry, no. We are busy with business clients right now.

It’s not the neatest solution but users are now able to use the Device Tiles widget to have multiple eventors.

so @Dmitriy what about support eventor with device selector widget to change a eventor device ???
eventor with multiple device is very useful for many users are there here any plan?

@Pavel any update on an eventor that supports multiple devices?

So far not a really requested feature along with other ones…

Fair enough, thanks @Pavel

Hey guys,

I’ve been trying to use the Device Tiles Widget to get around the one Eventor per project limit but despite the events being configured correctly, they don’t seem to be executed. More specifically, I set a time triggered event to set pin V1 to 1.

I’m running the latest android app (2.16.3) and local server 0.28.4-java8.


Hello. This is not supported. We will exclude it from widgets box.

Is there any way you could add support for it? It would be nice to be able to have more than one Eventor.

Eventor should be only 1. We will add later support for multiple devices.

you think when that’s possible?

I would also love this but for some reason I was told it’s not going to be implemented which boggles my mind.

How does the concept of limited resources working on the more popular requests over the least requested… all while within a “free” app, "Boggle’ you? Besides no one said a flat NO… they implied “when able” after the paying clients work gets done :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@s.d.engineering @ThatGuy_ZA instead of you both tag teaming in multiple topics… please consider your request asked and wait until the developers get time and resources. Thank you. Meanwhile I am merging these simular topics.