Unable to enter Developer mode, system says only one developer allowed but I am the only user!

I have five devices but recently I am unable edit any of them because my user profile shows ‘Developer’ mode switched off. If I attempt to switch it on, a message pops up stating ‘Only one developer allowed to prevent clashes’.
I am the only user that works on the configuration, programming etc.
The other user is my wife who only uses the mobile app to view temperatures.
I have made a Garden Pond controller which monitors temperatures and levels and controls solenoids, water pump, air pumps and fish feeder. It is almost complete but I need to enable some remote switching of air pumps etc using the ‘read switch status’ routines.
Help please!

If you log-in with your wife’s credentials, does it show that she has developer mode turned on?


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Thank you for your help Pete, it wasn’t my wife that had developer mode turned on, it was my other account which has a different email address (and I very rarely use) that was selected as developer! I only created the other name for test purposes so I don’t know why the Developer account was moved to it!
Relief! Now I can get the changes made on the templates,

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