Twitter widget not working!

i am trying to tweet data from DHT11 sensor , for that i want to add twitter widget.I do so ,but twitter widget is not connecting to my twitter account,every time i tap on " Connect twitter" ,my phone vibrates and show me the message that " Twitter configuration failed".Please help!

Local or cloud server?


Cloud Server!!

Okay, there was a problem with Twitter recently, but it was fixed.

More info in this thread:

It’s worth just checking-out the things that were discussed in this thread, such as not trying to send the same tweet twice and verifying that your account is still active using some other means.


Thanks for the reply. Blynk is still displaying the same message and i don’t find any similar problem which i’m having. It shows " Twitter configuration failed" every time.

We are investigating this issue, we already received several reports including yours about not working twitter. I’ll update this thread when we’ll understand and resolve it.

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yes twitter is still down with me:schläfrig:

Guys, we released 2.27.4 build with a fix to this issue, it should be available to download soon

yes i have blynk-update twitter works again thank you

Yes ,issue is fixed now and everything is working perfectly.Thanks for the support!!!