Ttgo t-call (esp32 + sim800l) with NEO-8M GPS

Dear ALL,

If I want to use GPS like NEO-8M for this Board to sent GPS data to Blynk what kind of Pins shall I use?
Normally TX and RX, right?

Does anyone have any instructions how to connect GPS?


Hi @Markus_Schmeckm, I’ve moved your post to a new topic, as its not really related to the one that you posted in.


Hi Guys,
can someone help me out. I use a TTGO-T-Call board with GSM capability.
I was able to connect a temperature sensor to the board. So far everything works well with Blynk.
Now I would like to connect an additional GPS sensor via the TX and RX interface.
The pinouts show that, for example, the TX / RX (26/27) are already used by the modem

I connected simple the Neo-GPS module to the Serial TX and RX pins, but that in turn causes conflict
with the USB port.

My question here would be which pin can I use or would it be even not better to go through the hardware serial Port?
The instructions show that this is an ESP32 can handle “Hardware serial”.


//Definition Hardware Interface
HardwareSerial Serial1(1);

void setup() {
//Starten der Schnittstellen
//Serial1 auf Pin 34 und 35


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hi, you have a connection solution ( Ttgo t-call (esp32 + sim800l) + GPS ). Please help … thank you Hugo

I successfully managed to use ESP32 T-Call and Ublox Neo GPS.

in void setup, put

Serial2.begin(9600, SERIAL_8N1, 14, 27); //RX, TX

and so, you will be able to get data from GPS.