[Troubleshooting] Account and projects disappeared

In case Blynk app was working for you and then accidentally you can’t login anymore and see message like “User is not registered”. This is likely will happen in case you are moving abroad. Please follow link in order to resolve your issue :


In case you wasn’t using Blynk for a long time (> 6 months) - unused accounts were removed recently during migration to new infrastructure. Sorry for inconveniences. Please create account again and send me your login name in case you are kickstarter backer in order to restore your energy.

Regards, Blynk Team.

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My account disappeared when I moved from the UK to USA. My user name is max@birley.com. Can you please fix this as this was working in the uk even 1 week ago

@maxB please follow above instructions. Your IP is

I am also encountering the same issue. Created projects in Australia. Came to Cyprus a week ago and lost my projects.
I pinged blynk-cloud.com
Entered in app at login and now lost projects and energy.

Please tell me you email login,


Your ip is

Thank you. Got it.
By any chance can you find an account with swautogen@gmail.com

Same IP


I am having same issue. I checked my blynk after two months today, my purchased energy 13000 Energy Pack, Project, Account all gone,

I just have to register everything again. But Energy Level is ZERO, dont know why?

Can you please check and help?


Click on Dmitriy’s avatar, click on message, then send him your login email.

Hi,i’m having save issue too.
I logged in my account after 3 months and all my projects and purchased energies are gone.
Hope you can save my projects and energies.
Thank you.

@elanozturk hello. please send me your login email.

Just returned to Cyprus. Having same issue again. I am able to login with hydrotruth@gmail.com
With port 8442
I can see my projects but shows devices offline. Particle board is showing online but in Blynk they are offline

Sorry port 8443

i have same problem, please check xxx@gmail.com

@idjcondor please try

My account seems alive but my project which created last January is disappeared.
And my energy is 0.
Can I salvage my project? or recover my energy?
I didn’t use Blynk over 10 months but I would like use after now.

@Hiro hello. please send us your email to hello@blynk.cc