Trouble with Blynk Local on Pi - Home screen button and webhook

Hey there,

It’s late and I’m at my whits end, so I’m hoping one of you fine people might know something I don’t.

I have a Blynk local server setup on a Raspberry Pi Zero W. It was setup running server-0.28.3-java8.jar but I just downloaded and tested 0.29.3-java8 and it works as well.

The Blynk app is running on my phone, and I am able to use a button setup on it for my ESP (it opens my garage door).

The two issues I’m having (and solving either one should suffice):

  1. Setting up a shortcut on my android homescreen for the button doesn’t work. It lets me select the button I want to assign it to, but when I hit it, nothing.
  2. I can’t get webhooks to work. I would setup IFTTT or something elsewise to get around the above problem. I think it’s a port problem…?

I think I read that the home-screen button doesn’t work for local servers, but then I saw a more recent post showing that it did?

For the other issue:

Here is what I have:

ports 8441, 8442, 8443 are forwarding on my router…

I access /admin on port 9443

So, ignoring the possibility of my router issue happening, should I be able to do this:
open in a browser, and have it open my garage

any help would be appreciated, Thank you.

You don’t need a port number in the url.

Home screen button requires HTTP, so you need to have port forwarding (from 80 port to the default blynk http port 8080) or server under root and HTTP on port 80.

Seems like same problem - please add port forwarding. By default http api on port 8080.

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Hey Dmitriy! Thank you for your response:

That was the trick, I was able to make a json call and it worked. I have it setup to port 8080 right now.

Is it possible to change the port that home screen button will use from port 80 to 8080?

Nope :(.