Trouble logging in

I am facing a problem in my country about logging in. Is there a ban on the country of Syria?

Are you a previous user of the old Blynk system (now known as Blynk Legacy) who is trying to log-in to the new system with your old credentials?

If not, have you checked your junk mail folder for an activation email from Blynk?


Thank you, dear Pete. I have activated the account, but I am having trouble logging in. When I connect to the vpn, I can log in sometimes, but not always.

Your account will only exist on one of the five Blynk cloud servers, so the VPN may be confusing things.
When you are able to log in, go to the “About” screen in the app and see which server you’re connected to. It will say something like ’’ and it’s the ’lon1’ bit that’s important - in this case it indicates London, but knowing which server your account is on may help to understand the issue.


Thank you, dear. The account is located on the France server,

So you know what to do with your VPN now then.