Trouble in app sharing process on play store

Hey There! …
How I can share my blynk app after I made it on blynk android platform, I don’t have access to
and I can’t share my app on google play store!

When you create an app preview from your Blynk project,

it says,

“Check out our plans at

This page has been moved or deprecated. The Blynk marketing team may want to fix the link in the Blynk app preview page.

Try this, (cached)

If you click on the “Publish” button at the bottom of the Blynk app preview page, it should put you contact with the right people. If not, click on “Contact Us” at,


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Hi there,

Sorry for the confusion. We are currently updating the website and plans page. It will be up and running this week. In the meantime you can contact regarding publishing your app. Please note that pricing plans were designed for commercial use, not for personal use.

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thnx all ! is up and running