Trouble connecting with Arduino w/ Ethernet shield

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void loop()

Does the app work from your phone?
Can you login, create a blank project?

yes, i have account in the app
and create my project with arduino uno & ethernet shield but it always offline

Blynk-cloud is probably working just fine than.

I’d repost this question as “Trouble connecting with Arduino w/ Eth sheild”

Post the sketch you are using. Maybe add the comment you are in syria.

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‘‘Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post’’
I don`t know how to post the sketch and i tried.
anyway we are connecting to the internet by ‘‘ADSL’’
and my speed is 2mbit … is this enough

How does your code compare to the example code?

my code is just like that from examples
i’ve added my auth token; it was send to mail
I am not a programming expert but I have instructions from YouTube

There are dozens and dozens of threads on the forum about getting your hardware combination to work. Problems are mostly around using too high a baud rate with SoftwareSerial, not having your ESP-01 set to use the correct (same) baud rate, not crossing the Rx and Tx connections between the Arduino and ESP-01 or not having a suitable separate power supply for the ESP-01.

Do some searching and some experimentation and you’ll come up with an answer.