Trouble Connecting to the Blynk Server

Hi everyone and hello for the first time.

Can anyone suggest why I might be having problems connecting to the server.
My auth, SSID and Password have been changed for publication but it appears to be connecting to my home WiFi OK.
The funny code before the connection message to my SSID in the serial monitor is strange.
Any assistance would be appreciated

I am using

  1. Wemos ESP8266 D1.Set to 80Mhz and Upload speed of 115200 on Com3
  2. Arduino IDE 1.6.12
    3 Blynk V0.3.9


Apologies the code did not copy over correctly

Revised as below

update your libraries, has not been used for a LONG time…

what even is this???

it is “strange” but it is absolutely normal :slight_smile:

Hi Dave

V0.3.9 - missed a dot !



but if you ARE using that, it will say that in the serial monitor output…

use the search here for: “”

Hi Dave

I was unable to debug what was happening.
But as you suggested something was old, a full reinstall of the Arduino IDE and the libraries worked.
One of the test sketches now runs fine.


Thanks, Dave and Jamin.
The Switch is now working over the web just fine.:smiley: