Trigger iphone alarm if temperature out of range


I have successfully setup Blynk to graph temperature data. I would like to trigger an iphone alarm if temperature is outside of a range. I am considering using my Arduino to set a virtual pin high if temp is out of range, and then that would trigger a webhook from Blynk. I’m lost from there…I was reading about IFTTT, but that system seems locked out to new applets…any suggestions?

FYI, this would need to be a kind of alarm that would wake you up at night. I typically have the Do Not Disturb function on, so receiving a text from Blynk wont cut it I think.

There is no way to programmatically trigger iOS system alarm.

Getting a text notification is the most easy solution. But if you want to rise up an anxiety level of your alarm, I’d recommend you to look into services that provide a REST API for making phone calls (e.g. twilio, etc.). With Webhook widget you can easily setup a flow when you’ll be getting “alarm” calls.

Do Not Disturb phone mode won’t be an issue in such case: you can easily put the sender phone number into your favorites list and enable getting phone calls from favorites in the Do Not Disturb mode setting.

So, I think having the webhook send a text, and then within the iphone set it up to allow texts from that number to bypass the Do Not Disturb and set a ringtone, that should work. Keeping the phone off mute and volume up may help too.