Trigger Blynk Timer Widget from Arduino

I would like to know if it is possible to activate a Timer Widget with code to avoid the need for 1 second refresh from Arduino written countdown timer. I have a temperature sensor reading being pushed every five minutes to Blynk, but I would like to see a countdown timer on the app to see when next update is due.
I have looked through forum but cannot find the widget class definition to see what parameters I would have to deal with if this is possible.

Thanks for any help

Timer Widget is really meant to control the timing of something from the App. For a simple countdown it is much better to, after every Temp reading, clear and update a Display Widget with another BlynkTmer, according to the resolution you need.

Thanks, but if I understand you, would the new BlynkTimer have to transmit every second too? This is what I am trying to avoid. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

Of course… A Blynk.virtualWrite(vPin, value) or API equivlent is the only way of getting something like a MCU controlled countdown displayed on the App that I know of… what is wrong with the countdown transmission?

I was trying to avoid constant use of my home broadband, otherwise I may as well update the temp reading each second instead. I saw the app timer widget and thought that would be a way to avoid it.

There is not much bandwidth happening, your browser if probably using more just viewing this page :slight_smile: … and besides there is a heartbeat connection all the time anyhow.

The usual reason for not updating a temp reading so frequently is A) the sensors usually need time to process & B) temperature really doesn’t change that frequently… unless something drastic is happening :wink:

Fair enough, thanks for your advice. I think I will just display a timestamp, or even set the update to 1 minute intervals for the temp reading.

So far I am pleased with my progress.

Thanks again.