Transferıng moısture sensor data to blynk app

ı am making a plant watering system everything is OK but there is a small detail i want to send the reading of the soil moisture sensor ( TE215 )to the blynk app but i dont know how to do that i have the code that take the reading of the sensor and transfer it to the app
can u help me with writing the code that transfer the reading to the app.
the sensor i am using

there are lots of examples on how to push data to blynk app. did you tried the sketch builder?

take a push temperature example code, understand how it works than replace the temperature with the value you want to send.

without sowing any effort or code from your side, no one will help…

thanx for replying well i already tried to change a temperrature code but it didnt work

ok. than feel free to provide more info:

  • post here the code you tried and didn’t work
  • what is the exact error / issue?
  • what is the expected outcome?

Don’t rely on us to meet your deadline… that is NOT our purpose :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Please keep reading the documentation and Help Files as well as checking out the Examples in the Sketch Builder… you need to learn how to use Blynk properly, and we will try to assist with suggestions…

  • You have a timer that is counting the seconds and sending it to your only display. But then you take that uptime data with the BLYNK_WRITE() function and assign it back to your soilMoisture variable… thus messing up your data… Get rid of that unnecessary function.
  • You should NOT be running yor sensor commands AND a 2 second delay() in the void loop… big No No! Get rid of the delay and run the sensor commands in another timed function.

Here is an excerpt from the link previously supplied above… did you read the whole document?

Avoiding the void
:point_up: :fire: :warning: VERY IMPORTANT: You can’t send sensor data in your void loop()

– Why?
– Because Blynk sends data over the Internet, and when you put something into void loop(), your microcontroller will execute it :scream_cat: gazillion number of times. Which means that Blynk Cloud will be flooded with gazillion messages from your hardware.