Transfer local server to new server


I had RPI zero w running a Blynk local server. And from past two days it shuts off automatically and again i have to manually turn it back on.
I guess the hardware is failing.

Now i am thinking to setup a new server on a RPI 3 which i have it lying around from quite a few months. But there are few devices which are connected to this RPI zero w server and i am not able to reach them to change the auth token.(all set inside a enclosure)

So i am thinking of just transferring the existing server files to the new server. Is this possible? This way i can leave the ESP’s with the existing auth tokens…

I cannot fiddle around because i have only one SD card(in the RPI 0 W), and once i flash it all the files will be gone. So i am here to ask if this really possible ?? (I will be re-using the same SD card on RPI3)

And to be on the safer side can i create a snapshot of the Blynk server every week/month so ? So that if anything breaks, i can simply restore the files and get it up and running ?

More likely the power supply, or the SD card.

SD cards fail quite frequently, especially if the RPI is set-up to use virtual memory (on the SD card). The Raspbian OS will use virtual memory on the SD card even if there is plenty of physical memory left - unless you tell it otherwise.

My advice would be to buy several new SD cards and do a new build on a new card, then copy the Blynk user file across to the new SD card for your RPI 3.


I thought the same earlier, I had also replaced the adapter with a new 5v 2A one, but still the same problem. But as you said i have faced problem with SD card before, after using a new one it solved.

So just copying the Blynk folder on to a new SD card will run with all the existing account and widget, auth token info right ? So I can login from the same account i used earlier?

I think that’s how it works, but I’m no expert on that.


Thank you… I will give it a try.