Total costs for sharing

I can’t seem to find this but sure it’s out there.

If I share a project it costs 1000 energy. But does the person I share it with also have to purchase all the items on the project. So it costs 2x the cost of all items plus 1000. Or just 1x the cost of all the items (only costs me) plus 1000.

These two are the same if under the 2k energy allocated at the start, but my remote is easily over that.

when sharing, the slaves do not need any energy, only the admin. however, note that

  • they can use the project only if it is “started” on your account. if you stop it, they can not use

  • not all widgets work on the slave app

  • you can not rewoke access only from specific user. to rewok access, you have to stop sharing with all users

  • it depends on the situation, but sometimes it is better to just use the same account on multiple phones

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Thanks for the helpful response.

It’s only for my wife so maybe I will just use the same account for Blynk then. I assume with her being on ios this can be done (I’m on android) with my Gmail/google login.

The account login on multiple devices will work regardless of the App device (Android, iOS, Emulator), and provide FULL simultaneous editing and control functionality on each phone. Energy used is based on the project, not how many phones are running the project, so no worries there :wink: However, be aware that there are some widget functions that don’t work yet on iOS…


That is why I used the timer widget rather than the eventor one. The timer one is fine for my requirement.