Как узнать кто нажал на виртуальную кнопку?

Делаю открытие шлагбаума с помощью приложения BLYNK. Используется ардуино плата и SIM800 модуль GSM. Жителям многоэтажного дома планирую склонировать приложение BLYNK для открытия шлагбаума. Возникает вопрос, как можно узнать кто нажал на виртуальную кнопку в приложении BLYNK?

It sounds like you are using Blynk Legacy, not a good choice as it is no longer supported.

Cloning in Blynk Legacy makes a copy of the app so that other people can use it on their own hardware. If you were using Blynk Legacy then you’d need to share the app rather than clone it.

Blynk Legacy has no way of telling you which shared used pressed a button in the app.

Blynk IoT is the latest version of Blynk, and it has much better user permissions and user auditing. However, it could get expensive if there are more than 10 residents in your apartment block that each need a user account…


Эта фича есть только в Блинк 2.0 в Плюс плане: