Too fast Api limit reach

I’ve read about new policy for external updates .

I’ve many running projects that use API update since bridge is not available anymore. Many of these projects are industrial automations where I need frequent temperature updates ( 3 devices : 2 for temperature and 1 for pressure ) .

Is there any way to fix that ?

The other solution is using Nodered or Arduino cloud or something similar…

Thank for your help, I use Blynk for professional use (with subscription)

Can you share the new policy details? I have been having performance/behavior problems I suspected were related to throttling, this might explain a lot.

See this topic…


Node-Red works perfectly, especially if you don’t run any Blynk code on your devices and use MQTT instead.


I know but I paid a regular subscription to Blynk and I’ve been using it since the first beta… it will cost very much to update every board of every customer… It seems that Blynk is going in wrong direction.

already seen and no solution provided

I was replying to @judas’s question.

Well, clearly one solution is to use the batch API, at least for the time being.


a very simple solution is Reducing the number of API requests to less than 100k request per device per day.
why would you need more than 100k request per day ?

temperature reading every minute from 2 devices and 1 pressure reading.

then a 4th board choose to switch on or off an inverter and some valves

There are 86,400 seconds in 24 hours, so there is no way that your usage should get anywhere near the limit of 100k API calls per device in 24 hours.


I drive a car indoors in another city, the API period of 400 ms suits me. If the connection is lost for 1500 ms, I must stop the car, otherwise a collision is possible. While the movement is not long and it saves me.

it happened…

You are using four devices, am I right ?

So, how much do you send daily per device? We can increase the limit.

yes, every change in temperature needs an adjustment in ph and water %

I think around 250 kb it is a real time application

I mean, number of requests per day per davice.

90k per device

3 devices for this single case.

The limit is 100k per device per day.

The device receives around 90 k from 3 devices so 90 x 3 = 270k

a safe number would be around 300k