Toggle for Device is Offline notification?

So for those of us who use devices which may be offline more than online, its quite annoying trying to use the app when the Device is Offline notification pops up ever 5 seconds or so (more often with more deepsleep sensors).

It would be awesome to have a selection box when adding a device which allows the notification to be disabled. I imagine it is an app side development as the background check can still happen, but just not let you constantly know about it failing.


The offline msg popups only in case you’re trying to send a command to your device (which is offline). For example if you push a Button. Or a Labeled Value sends a read command according to its frequency settings (if you don’t need these readings, select a “Push” in frequency selector).

Helpful to know! I’ll try it out and get back. Maybe set PUSH by default for all Virtual ports?

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@Jamin now that’s a good idea because AFAIK virtual pins always require some coding and beginners can be left with default 1s updates just for physical pins, which experienced Blynkers rarely use.

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Maybe you are correct. Defaults should reflect what majority needs. So we should check the stats of how many implement the read function. I suspect not that many.

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I’ve personally never once used it.

Not necessarily.
Blynk needs more beginners to join the ranks and some things should be tailored towards them to ensure they stick with it. Experienced Blynkers take time to read the docs and can implement workarounds / fixes. Many beginners don’t bother with the docs so some things need to default to the easy way rather than the proper way.

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Other than for test purposes I don’t think I have either.

That’s because it is done on app side. (so no history when app if offline). I think it will be changed when we move it to server.

@Jamin now could be disabled -