To get the temperature of two sparkfun-blynk-boards on one page

Dear Blynk Community, first of all I wish everyone a Happy New Year and Good Luck! Since one hour I’m registered and I have the first question: is it possible, to get the measurements (Temperature) of two SparkFun Blynk Boards (working in the same network) on one page of the smartphone?
Many thanks for answering and best wishes to you

yes - you can use the same Blynk Auth token in both sketches… but you need two sets of measurement variables, one set for each board…

Yes. For Android you can use multi devices feature -

Thank you for your prompt and helpful answer! The link to the blynk-doc is perfect.
Regards - bsalynk


It’s also possible in IOS?


@darkmoon not right now. However iOS updated will be released soon.

@Dmitriy could you tell us when aproximately is this “soon”? I’m really waiting with open hands :wink:

Thank you!

@darkmoon 1 week in optimistic scenario. 2 weeks in pessimistic.

@Dmitriy Is it released yet?

@dina yes, it is released already.