[Tip] Blynk on PC easily


Droppin’ a tip. If you do not feel like downloading a bunch of android emulators just to be able to controll Blynk app on your PC while developing, an easy solution is
Teamviewer Host

Teamviewer is a remote desktop software that allows PC -> Phone controll.
It’s a bit “slow” on response but for me it beats the above mentioned option.

Get your account on teamviewer.com and install it for PC.
Go to your appstore and search for Teamviewer host
(Some phones have its own Teamviewer host versions, like my samsung. I got the “Host for samsung” app installed.)

and voilá


That is a good option :+1: I use teamviewer on all my computers and devices that I can, as well as on family computers - Once a PC tech, you are never out of work… unpaid work that is :wink:

But the slow part is why I opted for Droid4x since my main testbed app has way too much running at the same time. That and I presently have two concurrent emulations running, one for Cloud and one for Local server app tests.

And with my Huawei P8 it appears to be not working at all, which is kind of weird since TeamViewer usually has very good software.

Did you try this? Where did it fail?

It doesn’t respond to any clicks I give it in the shared screen, guess it’s not meant for me, lol.

Does it respond to keyboard presses? Try the arrows for navigation, also is your pc software up to date? :slight_smile:

Yeah, my PC (which is a Mac btw) is functioning within normal parameters. Currently I’m installing Androidx86 to a virtual machine which appears to be working very nice too.

-Another nice one is BlueStacks, works very well too on most platforms.