TinyDuino - "New Device is Offline"

Tinyduino with WiFi TinyShield

I can ping the TinyDuino at
I can ping blynk-cloud.com
Get connected to service

[17158] Looking for blynk-cloud.com
[17244] Connecting to
[17469] Ready (ping: 119ms).
Hello, CC3000!

“New Device is Offline” happens immediately or within a few second (4-5).

App is the simple “Button” app used in “getting started”, so no overflowing data, etc… Simple sketches e.g. “test state of a switch” have run for a few moments.

Did you update the CC3000 firmware?

Yes. Applied firmware patch 1.14 using Arduino IDE 1.06. Execution appeared to run to completion and reported Firmware V.132 and MAC address. I then attempted to run “Button” app. And again after a few seconds Blynk reports device off line. From a terminal session I continue to get ping replies from the WiFi shield even after Blynk reports “offline” status.