TinyDuino hanging after 2 seconds of execution


We are having a problem where the execution of the Blynk code in our Tiny hardware pauses after just a couple seconds from establishing connectivity to the Blynk server.

As an example are trying to run the getting started PushData project on our TinyShield stack that includes TinyDuino,USB and WIFI (CC30000). This project sends the execution time to Virtual pin 5 every second. On the Blynk app we have a single widget to display the reading of this pin.

The hardware is able to connect to the Blynk server correctly and we can see the initial 1-2 readings from the application widget. Setting a serial printout of the the reading on Serial monitor also shows the execution is getting hanged. See the example output below, the 17 and 18 are the first two second readings that go through successfully before the hang.

Any help is appreciated

Execution Output:

[0] Blynk v0.2.1
[2623] Connecting to TripMate-308E...
Started AP/SSID scan
Connecting to TripMate-308E...Waiting to connect...[16576] Getting IP address...
[16891] IP:
[16893] GW:
[16896] DNS:
[16898] Looking for cloud.blynk.cc
[16906] Connecting to
Connect to
[16949] Ready!

if you connect via Serial/Script is the same things happening… what if you take the wireless stack and hardware out of the project?

Please try updating CC3000 to Version 1.14.
More about this here

Hope this helps!

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