Timer Widget - What happens if I travel to a different timezone?


The Timer widget (iOS, Blynk cloud server) is simple and easy to use.

But . . . what happens if I travel to a different timezone?

eg I want to set up a number of lamps around my house in so that they come on/off periodically to mimic usual activity in the home. I’ve tested this and it works well. So with the app or iPhone off it will still trigger as expected. Good.

If I travel to a different timezone, open the app, will Blynk adjust my Timer events to the new timezone? Or will the events still trigger on my home timezone as originally setup?

Also, if I change the timer widget settings in the new timezone, do I need to allow for the timezone difference between my new location and my home (I’m guessing YES) on this one?


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I have an app running in the UK at moment using that time zone. I am currently in Italy which is plus 1 hour ahead and I am monitoring my app from here and it is still working with the UK time zone.

Is your phone set to UK (BST) or European (CET) time?
Does your app/project use a RTC widget, and if so, what time zone is that set to?
Are you using Local or Cloud server?

I have a device in the UK that records temperature, humidity and pressure and pushes the data to the Blynk cloud server, for viewing in Superchart. It’s been running for the last 18 months.
I’m in Spain now, and the local time is 20:45, so it’s 19:45 in the UK. If I view the Superchart data for the last full minute with my phone set to CET then it shows 20:44 in the chart, but if I change my phone’s time zone to BST it shows 19:44 instead.


I don’t change nothing on my Samsung s10. When I am abroad it shows me both times the one at home(UK) and the time where I am currently.

No. Initial setup is used (based on the TZ you had at the moment of the setup). When Timer widget is used - mobile device TZ is used for the timer setup.


New setup should use current phone TZ, so all time would be within current TZ. But we need to clarify with @BlynkAndroidDev. MObile could actually cache the timezone. So I’m not sure here.

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