Timer Widget Problem

I’m having a problem with the Timer Widget. I’am adding. I set the time. Once I set it up, it doesn’t work when I set a new time. When I stop the template to edit my settings on my phone, I see that the first time setting comes back. In spite of correction, the widget does not recover unless you delete it and the new one works only once. No problem unless you enter a new time.

ios verison : latest
local server version : server-0.41.3-java8.jar
OS: raspbian (pi3)

sorry for my english.
-it works when you first add.
-does not work if you change the time.
-You need to delete the widget and add again to make it work.
-If you modify the time, it works…

@BlynkAndroidDev FYI, same issue we have been discussing via Logging.

Yep, looks like it is a server side issue, as it arrives on both mobile platforms. We are investigating it


Should I wait for a response on this? or should I follow the app updates?

It’s local server’s issue, you need to wait for a new blynk server jar to be available with a fix to this issue.